An industry-wide problem

Reviewing medical records in medical malpractice cases is extremely time-consuming and error-prone. Most medical records lack clarity and are voluminous, disorganized, out of chronological order, and poorly scanned. These obstacles makes it difficult to understand and locate the relevant sections, resulting in inefficiency, wasted attorney time, and high litigation costs for insurance carriers.

Our solution

Save countless hours reviewing medical records using AI-powered search tools. Intrellit uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that reduce litigation costs for insurance carriers, law firms, medical experts, and other industry stakeholders. We do this by performing many tedious, time-consuming and error prone steps, including search, analysis, correlation, highlighting, and summarization. Additionally, we prioritize the most relevant medical information, thus providing quick, strategic insights into every case.

Our results: AI-enabled medical records search.

Our software searches and contextualizes medical pages based on selected criteria, including dates, names of physicians or facilities, and medical conditions. We utilize best practices in human-computer interface design to facilitate the process of reviewing records and find the most relevant sections. Our software performs an analysis of each paragraph within thousands of pages and understands how your results relate to the claims at issue, without requiring you to guess the exact search terms.

Better text recognition for medical records.

In order to provide the most accurate results, we have the highest fidelity optical character recognition (OCR) tool for medical records. Our OCR tool incorporates a cutting-edge AI algorithm which produces higher quality readable health records than any commercially available OCR. This tool accurately detects the pertinent information within medical records, even when the text is poorly scanned and difficult to read. Three layers of machine learning algorithms help ensure the text is clearly understood.

Management Team

Victor Bornstein, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-founder

Victor has experience in startups, accelerators, venture capital, corporate innovation, and scientific research. Before Intrellit, he was an assistant professor at Mount Sinai Hospital, where he worked creating and spinning off digital health technologies.

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Serge Zenin, Esq.

Chief Legal Officer & Co-founder

Serge has experience in medical malpractice, both as a plaintiff’s and as a defense attorney. He has crafted winning legal arguments for dozens of medical malpractice cases and has extensive experience in the technology utilized by the litigation industry.


Oleksandr Zakharchuk

CTO & Co-founder

Oleksandr is an internationally acclaimed AI expert. He is a Google Developer Expert in machine learning (ML) and an advisor to several AI startups at various stages (Seed to Series B). He previously worked for 5 years at Google in ML, deep learning, and NLP projects.

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